Slide THICK DARKNESS Visit the exhibition, currently in the city of Porto, at the metro station of São Bento.
From 20 August to 20 September.

Slide A FLAME AGAINST BLINDNESS How far does our conscience go in the face of violence in war? I was one of those who found it inconceivable to observe an inferno in Europe on the scale that this war in Ukraine has achieved.

I believed that the inheritance we were leaving behind would lead to more peace and prosperity. I was wrong.

And at my age, I already find it impossible to help reverse the situation in the battlefields. I am left with sorrow, cloaked in impotence, to express, in times of cruelty and horror, filled with doubts and questions - how far does our conscience go in the face of violence in war?

To counteract such irrationality, to help shed a little light in the darkness, I limit myself to giving shape to what I see happening by using my plastic language as a possible testimony.

I limit myself to pace with what I feel, think and to act. The result is what can be seen in this exhibition enlivened by the urgency of an invitation, in the disorder of these days.

It is the horrible reality of war. The absolute absurdity of human irrationality. A pathetic parade with the semblance of death.

And I wonder - in this reality that virtually crushes us, how close is it to the real suffering of those who survive there?

It is also to withstand anguish, and to take it into one's own hands, in an attempt to act and to find a way towards human logic with God, so that happiness or it's glimpse may redeem us from death.

And in this context, what is our mission? In the face of the immediate, sombre and timeless imminence of death, we seek catharsis so that the dream may return with the shades of love. And other spaces and times of redemption are sought. Because we believed that what is happening would happen only once, as an experience of atonement for the human soul.

War - a radical evil of self-destruction of no value, of false domination of man by man, yet condemned, as a whole, to the fate of death at the expense of the supreme value of life, reducing our existence to a future without destiny - has brutally imposed itself, and so, in this exhibition, I want to retell what happened. To leave a trace, presenting, without fear or reproach, the link that enmeshes the mind and annihilates our way of living.

And so, stripped, I pursue the intention that peace and hope may return from this thick darkness.

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To support this cause or buy the original piece of these collection, you will have at your disposal several options.
When purchasing a piece from the collection <Thick Darkness> 20% of the total value, it will be donated to an association to support the Ucranians living in Portugal.
You can purchase your piece of art in 3 different ways.
  1. Acquiring the original;
  2. Acquiring the original and the NFT;
  3. Simply acquiring the NFT.
<For more information about what an NFT is, read below.>
If you purchase only the original format, NFT will exit the blockchain and a traditional certificate will be delivered with your piece.
First of all, we propose that you read a little more about this topic, outside of this page. Here we will only explain in a very simple way what NFTs are and what motivated us to enter this world.
For further details we suggest the following reading:
NFTs are unique and irreplaceable tokens that certify the authenticity in this case of a physical and/or digital work of art.
If until recently, when selling a drawing or a sculpture, we had to send the buyer a paper that authenticated the work as mine and that briefly described the piece of art, now with this new technology, it is possible to create a certificate that cannot be corrupted and contains all your information inside.
Of all the features that are not numbered here and that make NFTs an excional technological product and full of potential is precisely this characteristic ‘non-fungible’, we can give value to non-fungible products with relative ease.
If you purchase only the original format, NFT will exit the blockchain and a traditional certificate will be delivered with your piece.
But after all what brought us to create NFTs based on this project?
This specific project motivated us immensely, not only because of the theme that urged us to speak but also because we plastically went further and tried a series of new techniques.
The process of creating these pieces was something slightly digerente from the traditional process we took in our studio. So we thought of recording these moments of creative process, the path that leads to the final piece and that
may have as much or more value than the final product itself.
What has more value? The video of the artist painting or the finished product painted? And it was with this thought that we decided to launch this project in NFTs, where digital records of the creative process and the final pieces can be acquired digitally. The final parts, may or may not be purchased, staying in the decision of the buyer, if you want the original or if you want it to be destroyed,
keeping intact, both digitally and in the real world, the intrinsic value of a truly unique piece.